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How do you become a member /supporter?

How can you help?

There are many ways to support the WD Athletic Booster Club.

     1. Become a member for a low cost of $50

           Pay online and skip the mail at the below website:


               **Becoming a member does NOT require any volunteering throughout the year.** 

     2. Attend one of our fundraising events throughout the year

        LOTS OF FUN!!! You don't want to miss out!

          a.  Golf Outing - Held in Fall

          b.  Banquet - Held in Spring

     3. Purchase WD Bobcat apparel from clothing fundraiser. 


Many of our purchases are enjoyed by all students and families.   A purchase from this year is a bleacher extension installed November 2015 of which all fans use to support many different sporting events throughout the year.  Projects lIke these are not small and are made possible because of the $50,000 the WD Athletic Booster Club was able to assist with to make it happen.


We welcome you to be a member whether you are a past student, current family with a student at the high school or have children as our future Bobcats in the high school.  Your support now is needed to continue to provide our students and athletes the tools to be the best that they can be.


We would like to thank you for your consideration and support by becoming a member of the WD Athletic Booster Club.


Here is to another great year of cheering on our BOBCATS!!!



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